East Antarctica
geographical name — see Antarctica

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • East Antarctica Ranges — The East Antarctica Ranges are one of the three largest mountain ranges in Antarctica, the others are the Transantarctic Mountains and West Antarctica Ranges. The East Antarctica Ranges, located on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, have 29 known… …   Wikipedia

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  • Morris Heights (East Antarctica) — Morris Heights (83°28′S 169°42′E / 83.467°S 169.7°E / 83.467; 169.7) is a relatively smooth ice covered heights, forming a peninsula like divide between Beaver and King Glaciers at the north end of Qu …   Wikipedia

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  • East Antarctic two-thousanders — The three largest mountain ranges in Antarctica are the Transantarctic Mountains, the West Antarctica Ranges, and the East Antarctica Ranges. The East Antarctica Ranges, located on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, have 29 known peaks whose summits… …   Wikipedia

  • East Antarctic craton — The East Antarctic craton is an ancient craton that forms most of Antarctica. It was part of the Nena supercontinent 1.8 billion years ago. During the early Paleozoic Era East Antarctica joined the Gondwana supercontinent. During the Mesozoic… …   Wikipedia

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  • Antarctica cooling controversy — The Antarctica cooling controversy relates to questions posed in popular media regarding whether or not current temperature trends in Antarctica cast doubt on global warming. Observations unambiguously show the Antarctic Peninsula to be warming.… …   Wikipedia

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