Chuvash Republic

Chuvash Republic
geographical name autonomous republic E central Russia in Europe S of the Volga capital Cheboksary area 7066 square miles (18,301 square kilometers), population 1,393,000

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Siner, Chuvash Republic — Seener ( ru. Синерь;Spelling is per the Law of the Chuvash Republic #37 of November 24, 2004 On Establishing the Borders of the Municipal Formations of the Chuvash Republic and on Conferring on Them the Status of Urban, Rural Settlement,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Komsomolsky District, Chuvash Republic — Komsomolsky District ( ru. Комcомольский район; cv. Комсомольски районĕ) is a district ( raion ) of the Chuvash Republic, Russia. The district s administrative center, the village of Komsomolskoye, is located km to mi|115 from Chuvashia s capital …   Wikipedia

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  • Chuvash language — Chuvash Чӑвашла, Čăvašla Pronunciation [tɕəʋaʂˈla] Spoken in Russia Region Chuvashia …   Wikipedia

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