biographical name died 355 B.C. Athenian orator & general

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Callistratus — may refer to:* Callistratus (grammarian) * Callistratus (jurist), Roman legal writer * Callistratus (sophist) * Callistratus of Aphidnae, Athenian politician * Callistratus, an Athenian poet, only known as the author of a hymn in honor of… …   Wikipedia

  • CALLISTRATUS — I. CALLISTRATUS Aphydnaeus, Orator apud Athenienses, disertissimus eô tempore, cui tamen concinne respondit Epaminondas. Vide Xenoph. l. 6. Hellen. et Plut. Apophth. II. CALLISTRATUS Archon Athenis, Olympidis cenresimae sextae annô secundô. III.… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Callistratus (jurist) — Callistratus, a Roman jurist, who, as appears from passages in Justinian s Digest , wrote at least as late as the reign (AD 198 211) of Septimius Severus and Caracalla.AssociationsIn a passage of the Augustan History ( Alex. Sev. 68) which,… …   Wikipedia

  • Callistratus of Aphidnae — (Greek: Καλλιστράτος Kallistratos ; died 355 BC) was an Athenian orator and general in the 4th century BCE. For many years, as prostates , he supported Spartan interests at Athens, recognizing that Thebes posed a greater threat to Athens. In 371… …   Wikipedia

  • Callistratus (grammarian) — Callistratus, Alexandrian grammarian, flourished at the beginning of the 2nd century BC. He was one of the pupils of Aristophanes of Byzantium, who were distinctively called Aristophanei. Callistratus chiefly devoted himself to the elucidation of …   Wikipedia

  • Callistratus (sophist) — Callistratus, Greek sophist and rhetorician, probably flourished in the 3rd (or possibly 4th) century A.D. He wrote Ekphraseis (also known by the Latin title Statuarum descriptiones ), descriptions of fourteen works of art in stone or brass by… …   Wikipedia

  • Callistratus, SS. — SS. Callistratus et 49 Soc., MM. (26. Sept.). Der hl. Kallistratus. Martyrer zu Constantinopel (nicht zu Rom, wie das Mart. Rom. hat, indem Constantinopel in den Acten häufig den Namen Rom hat), war aus Chalcedon gebürtig und der Sohn… …   Vollständiges Heiligen-Lexikon

  • DOMITIUS Callistratus — Historiae Heracleoticae auctor …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • CALLISTR — Callistratus …   Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions

  • КАЛЛИСТРАТ —    • Callistratus,          Καλλίστρατος,        1. знаменитый афинский оратор из Афидны, красноречие которого пробудило в Демосфене любовь к ораторскому искусству. В качестве стратега командовал он в 377 г. вместе с Тимофеем и Хабрием, в 373 г.… …   Реальный словарь классических древностей

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