winged elm
noun Date: 1820 an elm (Ulmus alata) of the United States having twigs with prominent corky projections — called also wahoo

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • winged elm — winged′ elm′ n. pln a small tree, Ulmus alata, of SE North America, having twigs edged with flat, corky projections • Etymology: 1810–20, amer …   From formal English to slang

  • winged elm — noun North American elm having twigs and young branches with prominent corky projections • Syn: ↑wing elm, ↑Ulmus alata • Hypernyms: ↑elm, ↑elm tree • Member Holonyms: ↑Ulmus, ↑genus Ulmus …   Useful english dictionary

  • winged elm — sparnuotoji vinkšna statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Guobinių šeimos dekoratyvinis, medieninis augalas (Ulmus alata), paplitęs Šiaurės Amerikoje. atitikmenys: lot. Ulmus alata angl. small leaf elm; wahoo elm; winged elm šaltinis Valstybinės… …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

  • winged elm — a small tree, Ulmus alata, of southeastern North America, having twigs edged with flat, corky projections. Also called wahoo. [1810 20, Amer.] * * * …   Universalium

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  • elm — /elm/, n. 1. any tree of the genus Ulmus, as U. procera (English elm), characterized by the gradually spreading columnar manner of growth of its branches. Cf. American elm, elm family. 2. the wood of such a tree. [bef. 1000; ME, OE; c. OHG elm;… …   Universalium

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  • elm family — the plant family Ulmaceae, typified by deciduous trees having simple and often toothed leaves, small petalless flowers, winged fleshy or nutlike fruit, and watery sap, and including the elm, hackberry, and planer tree. * * * …   Universalium

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