also tympani noun plural but singular or plural in construction Etymology: Italian, plural of timpano kettledrum, from Latin tympanum drum — more at tympanum Date: circa 1854 a set of two or more kettledrums played by one performer in an orchestra or band

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • timpani — 1876, plural of timpano (1740), from It. timpani drums, from L. tympanum drum (see TYMPANUM (Cf. tympanum)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • timpani — timpani, tympanum Timpani is a plural noun meaning ‘orchestral kettledrums’ (informally shortened to timps). Tympanum is the technical term for ‘eardrum’, and has the plural form tympana …   Modern English usage

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  • timpani — (also tympani) ► PLURAL NOUN ▪ kettledrums. DERIVATIVES timpanist noun. ORIGIN Italian, from Latin tympanum drum …   English terms dictionary

  • timpani — [tim′pə nē] pl.n. sing. timpano [tim′pənō΄] [It, pl. of timpano < L tympanum: see TYMPAN] [often with sing. v.] kettledrums; esp., a set of kettledrums of different pitches played by one performer in an orchestra timpanist n …   English World dictionary

  • Timpani — Infobox Instrument name=Timpani names=Kettle drum, Timp classification= *Percussion instrument *Membranophone range= related= *Kus *Naqareh *NakerTimpani (also known colloquially as kettledrums or kettle drums) are musical instruments in the… …   Wikipedia

  • timpani — timpanist, n. /tim peuh nee/, n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) a set of kettledrums, esp. as used in an orchestra or band. Also, tympani. [ < It, pl. of timpano kettledrum < L tympanum < Gk týmpanon] * * * or kettledrums Large bowl shaped drums… …   Universalium

  • Timpani — Timpano Tim pa*no, n.; pl. {Timpani}. [It.] (Mus.) See {Tympano}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Timpani — Üblicher Orchesteraufbau mit vier Pedalpauken (plus einer Piccolopauke), hier mit Naturfellen (Kalb) Die Pauke (ital. timpano, frz. timbale, engl. kettledrum; Kesseltrommel ) ist ein Schlaginstrument aus der Gruppe der Membranophone. Die… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • timpani — [16] Timpani was borrowed from Italian, where it is the plural of timpano ‘kettledrum’. This in turn went back via Latin tympanum ‘drum’ (source of English tympanum ‘ear drum’ [17]) to Greek túmpanon ‘drum’, a close relative of the verb túptein… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

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