noun (plural tigers) Etymology: Middle English tigre, from Old English tiger & Anglo-French tigre, both from Latin tigris, from Greek, probably of Iranian origin; akin to Avestan tighra- pointed; akin to Greek stizein to tattoo — more at stick Date: before 12th century 1. plural also tiger a. a large Asian carnivorous mammal (Panthera tigris) of the cat family having a usually tawny coat transversely striped with black b. any of several large wildcats (as the jaguar or cougar) c. a domestic cat with striped pattern d. Australian Tasmanian tiger 2. a. a fierce, daring, or aggressive person or quality <
aroused the tiger in him
a tiger for work
b. one (as a situation) that is formidable or impossible to control <
how the tiger of inflation can be tamed — J. A. Davenport
— often used in the phrases ride a tiger and have a tiger by the tail 3. British a groom in livery • tigerish adjectivetigerishly adverbtigerishness nountigerlike adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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