tag up
intransitive verb Date: 1942 to touch a base before running in baseball after a fly ball is caught

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Tag up — In baseball, to tag up is to retouch or remain on the runner s time of pitch base until (after) the ball is first touched by a fielder. A runner must, by rule, tag up only when a batted ball is touched by a fielder. After a legal tag up, even if… …   Wikipedia

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  • tag — tag1 tagger, n. taglike, adj. /tag/, n., v., tagged, tagging. n. 1. a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label: The price is on the tag. 2. any small hanging or… …   Universalium

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