suck it up
phrasal to make the effort required to do or deal with something difficult or unpleasant

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • suck it up — verb To put up with something; to deal with something, such as pain or misfortune, without complaining. Some students suck it up and meet the challenge. Others look around wildly for someone to blame. Syn: be a man, grin and bear it, lump it …   Wiktionary

  • suck it up — get up and do it, be strong, do not be a quitter    I can t do it, Kate. I ve searched everywhere and I can t find it. Suck it up, John. I m counting on you to define that idiom! …   English idioms

  • suck it up — informal accept a hardship * * * ˌsuck it ˈup idiom (NAmE, informal) to accept sth bad and deal with it well, controlling your emotions Main entry: ↑suckidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • suck it up — informal used for saying that someone has to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation even if they do not want to You can either suck it up and be a man, or every time you get an ache and pain you can go out of the game …   English dictionary

  • suck it up N. Amer. — suck it up N. Amer. informal accept a hardship. → suck …   English new terms dictionary

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  • Chung King Can Suck It (album) — Chung King Can Suck It Studio album by Judge Released 1989 …   Wikipedia

  • suck up — verb 1. take in, also metaphorically (Freq. 1) The sponge absorbs water well She drew strength from the minister s words • Syn: ↑absorb, ↑suck, ↑imbibe, ↑soak up, ↑sop up, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

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