adjective (stronger; strongest) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English strang; akin to Old High German strengi strong, Latin stringere to bind tight — more at strain Date: before 12th century 1. having or marked by great physical power 2. having moral or intellectual power 3. having great resources (as of wealth or talent) 4. of a specified number <
an army ten thousand strong
5. a. striking or superior of its kind <
a strong resemblance
b. effective or efficient especially in a specified direction <
strong on watching other people work — A. Alvarez
6. forceful, cogent <
strong evidence
strong talk
7. not mild or weak ; extreme, intense: as a. rich in some active agent <
strong beer
b. of a color high in chroma c. ionizing freely in solution <
strong acids and bases
d. magnifying by refracting greatly <
a strong lens
8. obsolete flagrant 9. moving with rapidity or force <
a strong wind
10. ardent, zealous <
a strong supporter
11. a. not easily injured or disturbed ; solid b. not easily subdued or taken <
a strong fort
12. well established ; firm <
strong beliefs
13. not easily upset or nauseated <
a strong stomach
14. having an offensive or intense odor or flavor ; rank <
strong breath
15. tending to steady or higher prices <
a strong market
16. of, relating to, or being a verb that is inflected by a change in the root vowel (as strive, strove, striven) rather than by regular affixation • strong adverbstrongish adjectivestrongly adverb Synonyms: strong, stout, sturdy, stalwart, tough, tenacious mean showing power to resist or to endure. strong may imply power derived from muscular vigor, large size, structural soundness, intellectual or spiritual resources <
strong arms
the defense has a strong case
. stout suggests an ability to endure stress, pain, or hard use without giving way <
stout hiking boots
. sturdy implies strength derived from vigorous growth, determination of spirit, solidity of construction <
a sturdy table
people of sturdy independence
. stalwart suggests an unshakable dependability <
stalwart environmentalists
. tough implies great firmness and resiliency <
a tough political opponent
. tenacious suggests strength in seizing, retaining, clinging to, or holding together <
tenacious farmers clinging to an age-old way of life

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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