noun Date: 1785 one who spoils the sport or pleasure of others

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • spoilsport — ► NOUN ▪ a person who spoils the pleasure of others …   English terms dictionary

  • spoilsport — [spoil′spôrt΄] n. a person who behaves in such a way as to ruin the pleasure of others …   English World dictionary

  • Spoilsport — Superherobox| caption=Cover to Generation X #53 character name=Spoilsport real name= unrevealed species=Human Mutant publisher=Marvel Comics debut= Generation X #53 creators=Jay Faerber (writer) and Terry Dodson (artist) alliances=Rising Sons… …   Wikipedia

  • spoilsport — UK [ˈspɔɪlˌspɔː(r)t] / US [ˈspɔɪlˌspɔrt] noun [countable] Word forms spoilsport : singular spoilsport plural spoilsports informal someone who spoils someone else s plans or enjoyment …   English dictionary

  • spoilsport — noun /ˈspɔɪl.spɔːt,ˈspɔɪl.spɔɹt/ Someone who puts an end to others fun, especially harmless fun. I know I am a sad spoilsport, but it would make me wretched. Syn: killjoy, party pooper …   Wiktionary

  • spoilsport — spoil|sport [ˈspɔılspo:t US spo:rt] n informal someone who spoils other people s fun ▪ Don t be such a spoilsport …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • spoilsport — [[t]spɔ͟ɪlspɔː(r)t[/t]] spoilsports N COUNT (disapproval) If you say that someone is a spoilsport, you mean that they are behaving in a way that ruins other people s pleasure or enjoyment. [INFORMAL] Syn: killjoy …   English dictionary

  • spoilsport — one who will not play, party pooper    You spoilsport! Why won t you play strip poker with us? …   English idioms

  • spoilsport — noun (C) informal someone who spoils other people s fun: Don t be a spoilsport, Richard. We can t play without you …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • spoilsport — noun what spoilsport turned down the music? Syn: killjoy, misery, damper; informal wet blanket, party pooper …   Thesaurus of popular words

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