adjective Date: 1959 of, relating to, or being a beta-receptor <
beta-adrenergic blocking action

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • beta-adrenergic — [bāt΄ə ad΄rə nʉr′jik] adj. pertaining to or involving beta receptors …   English World dictionary

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  • beta-adrenergic — /bay teuh ad reuh nerr jik/ or, esp. Brit., /bee /, adj. of or pertaining to a beta receptor. [1965 70] * * * …   Universalium

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  • Beta adrenergic receptor kinase — (BARK) is a serine/threonine intracellular kinase. It is activated by PKA and its target is the beta adrenergic receptor. It is one method by which the cell will desensitize itself from epinephrine overstimulation.Pippig S, et al. Overexpression… …   Wikipedia

  • Beta-adrenergic agonist — Beta adrenergic agonists are adrenergic agonists which act upon the beta receptors. [MeshName|Adrenergic+beta Agonists] β1 agonistsβ1 agonists: stimulates adenylyl cyclase activity; opening of calcium channel. (cardiac stimulants; used to treat… …   Wikipedia

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