noun Date: 1916 a fight marked by the exchange of heavy blows; also a heated dispute <
a vocal slugfest

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Slugfest — may refer to *Slugfest, a large fight *MLB Slugfest, a game *Ken Griffey Jr s Slugfest, a game *Slugfest, an episode of Camp Lazlo *Slugfest (Transformers), one of the microcassettes from Transformers …   Wikipedia

  • slugfest — 1916, from SLUG (Cf. slug) (3) + FEST (Cf. fest) …   Etymology dictionary

  • slugfest — [n] fight altercation, argument, battle, battle royal*, bout, brawl, clash, conflict, dispute, dogfight, donnybrook, engagement, feud, fisticuffs*, fracas, fray, free for all*, melee, riot, ruckus, rumble, struggle, tussle, war; concept 106 …   New thesaurus

  • slugfest — ☆ slugfest [slug′fest΄ ] n. [ SLUG4 + FEST] Informal 1. a fight or boxing match characterized by much heavy punching 2. a baseball game in which many hits are made …   English World dictionary

  • slugfest — 1. n. a fight; a festival of slugging. □ They went out in the alley for a real slugfest. □ You wanna see a slugfest, just stick around. 2. n. a festival of arguing. □ The slugfest went on until both sides were willing to compromise …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • slugfest — noun a) A baseball game in which many runs are scored, especially by home runs The game turned into a 15 9 slugfest. b) A boxing match or fight marked by a heavy exchange of blows The championship bout was a slugfest; both fighters were bloodied …   Wiktionary

  • slugfest — /ˈslʌgfɛst/ (say slugfest) noun Colloquial a vigorous contest. {slug2 + fest} …   Australian English dictionary

  • slugfest — /slug fest /, n. Informal. 1. a baseball game in which both teams make many runs and extra base hits. 2. a boxing bout in which the boxers exchange powerful blows vigorously and aggressively with little care for defense. 3. an intense conflict or …   Universalium

  • slugfest — (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) n. fight, donnybrook, brawl, battle royal, *rumble, riot …   English dictionary for students

  • slugfest — slug|fest [ˈslʌgfest] n informal especially AmE a situation in which people are arguing or fighting in a rude or angry way …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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