transitive verb (sleekened; sleekening) Date: 1621 to make sleek

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • sleeken — sleek·en …   English syllables

  • sleeken — ˈslēkən transitive verb (sleekened ; sleekened ; sleekening k(ə)niŋ ; sleekens) Etymology: sleek (II) + en : to make sleek …   Useful english dictionary

  • sleek — sleek1 sleekly, adv. sleekness, n. /sleek/, adj., sleeker, sleekest. 1. smooth or glossy, as hair, an animal, etc. 2. well fed or well groomed. 3. trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined: a sleek sports car …   Universalium

  • sleek — I 1adj 1. smooth, glossy, shiny, lustrous, satiny, silken, silky; rubbed, buffed, burnished, polished, shined, varnished, waxed. 2. well fed, well groomed, brushed, combed, tended; clean, neat, tidy, trim, spruce. 3. smooth, slick, suave, oily,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • sleek — [slēk] adj. [var. of SLICK, with Early ModE vowel lengthening] 1. smooth and shiny; glossy, as a highly polished surface, well kept hair or fur, etc. 2. of well fed or well groomed appearance [fat, sleek pigeons] 3. polished in speech and… …   English World dictionary

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