shoot the shit
phrasal usually vulgar to shoot the breeze

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • shoot the shit — US informal + offensive : to talk informally about unimportant things : to shoot the breeze • • • Main Entry: ↑shoot …   Useful english dictionary

  • shoot the shit — verb To chat casually; to gossip. We didnt do much besides stand around and shoot the shit, but it was fun to see him again. Syn: shoot the breeze, chew the fat …   Wiktionary

  • shoot the shit — [B] visit, have a conversation, a chin wag    The ladies went shopping, and the men sat around shootin the shit …   English idioms

  • shoot the shit — vb American to talk, gossip. A vulgarisation of shoot the breeze/bull …   Contemporary slang

  • shoot the shit — Go to shoot the bull …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • shoot the shit — v. gossip; discuss; chat …   English slang

  • shoot the bull — AND shoot the crap; shoot the shit tv. to chat and gossip. (The same as throw the bull. Use caution with crap; shit.) □ Let’s get together sometime and shoot the bull. □ You spend too much time shooting the crap …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • Shit — This article is about the word shit . For the waste product, see feces. For the egestion of bodily wastes, see defecation. For the Indian film, see Amudhan R P. Scheiße redirects here. For the Lady Gaga song, see Scheiße (song). Shit is usually… …   Wikipedia

  • shoot — [sho͞ot] vt. shot, shooting [ME shoten < OE sceotan, akin to ON skjōta, Ger schiessen < IE base * (s)keud , to throw, shoot > SHUT, OSlav is kydati, to throw out] 1. a) to move swiftly over, by, across, etc. [to shoot the rapids in a… …   English World dictionary

  • shoot — ► VERB (past and past part. shot) 1) kill or wound (a person or animal) with a bullet or arrow. 2) cause (a gun) to fire. 3) move suddenly and rapidly. 4) direct (a glance, question, or remark) at someone. 5) film or photograph (a scene, film,… …   English terms dictionary

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