belt up
intransitive verb Date: 1949 British shut up

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • belt up — phrasal verb [intransitive] Word forms belt up : present tense I/you/we/they belt up he/she/it belts up present participle belting up past tense belted up past participle belted up 1) to put on a seat belt in a car 2) (will you) belt up British… …   English dictionary

  • belt up — PHRASAL VERB If someone tells you to belt up, they are telling you in a very impolite way to stop talking. [BRIT, INFORMAL] [V P] Chambers waved his hand. Belt up! he snapped …   English dictionary

  • belt up — Liverpool Slang shut up: Belt up, Nabber! …   English dialects glossary

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  • belt up — Brit. informal be quiet. → belt …   English new terms dictionary

  • belt up! — I Australian Slang an asking to stop talking ,be quite, in a angry way II Australian English Shut up! …   English dialects glossary

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  • belt up — A British term for buckle up …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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