noun Etymology: New Latin Scyphozoa, from Latin scyphus + New Latin -zoa Date: circa 1909 any of a class (Scyphozoa) of coelenterates that comprise jellyfishes lacking a true polyp and usually a velum • scyphozoan adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • scyphozoan — [sī΄fə zō′ən] n. [< ModL Scyphozoa < Gr skyphos, a cup + zōon, an animal: see BIO ] any of a class (Scyphozoa) of sea cnidarians, consisting of jellyfishes lacking a velum …   English World dictionary

  • scyphozoan — /suy feuh zoh euhn/, n. 1. any coelenterate of the class Scyphozoa, comprising the true marine jellyfishes. adj. 2. belonging or pertaining to the scyphozoans. [1910 15; < NL Scyphozo(a) (see SCYPHI , O ZOA) + AN] * * * …   Universalium

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  • scyphozoan — /saɪfəˈzoʊən/ (say suyfuh zohuhn) noun one of the Scyphozoa, a class of coelenterates comprising the larger medusae or jellyfishes. {New Latin Scyphozo(a) (from Greek skypho , combining form of skyphos cup, can + zoa zoa) + an} …   Australian English dictionary

  • scyphozoan — n. & adj. n. any marine jellyfish of the class Scyphozoa, with tentacles bearing stinging cells. adj. of or relating to this class. Etymology: as SCYPHUS + Gk zoion animal …   Useful english dictionary

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