noun Etymology: Latin repetendus to be repeated, gerundive of repetere to repeat Date: 1874 a repeated sound, word, or phrase; specifically refrain

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Repetend — Rep e*tend (r?p ? t?nd ), n. [L. repetendus to be repeated, fr. repetere to repeat.] (Math.) That part of a circulating decimal which recurs continually, ad infinitum: sometimes indicated by a dot over the first and last figures; thus, in the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • repetend — [rep′ə tend΄, rep΄ə tend′] n. [L repetendus, to be repeated, ger. of repetere, to REPEAT] 1. a repeated sound, word, or phrase; refrain 2. Math. the digit or digits repeated indefinitely in a repeating decimal …   English World dictionary

  • repetend — Decimal Dec i*mal, n. A number expressed in the scale of tens; specifically, and almost exclusively, used as synonymous with a decimal fraction. [1913 Webster] {Circulating decimal}, or {Circulatory decimal}, a decimal fraction in which the same… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • repetend — /rep i tend , rep i tend /, n. 1. Math. the part of a repeating decimal that is repeated, as 1234 in 0.123412341234. ... 2. Music. a phrase or sound that is repeated. 3. Pros. a word, phrase, line or longer element that is repeated, sometimes… …   Universalium

  • repetend — noun a) A refrain (having repeated words, sounds or phrases) b) A repeating decimal …   Wiktionary

  • repetend — [ rɛpɪtɛnd, ˌrɛpɪ tɛnd] noun 1》 Mathematics the repeating figure or figures of a recurring decimal fraction. 2》 formal a recurring word or phrase. Origin C18: from L. repetendum something to be repeated , neut. gerundive of repetere (see repeat) …   English new terms dictionary

  • repetend — rep·e·tend …   English syllables

  • repetend — /ˈrɛpətɛnd/ (say repuhtend), /rɛpəˈtɛnd/ (say repuh tend) noun 1. Mathematics that part of a recurring decimal repeated indefinitely. 2. Music a phrase or sound which is repeated. {Latin repetendum, neuter gerundive, (that) which is to be… …   Australian English dictionary

  • repetend —   n. digit(s) repeated in recurring decimal; repetition of same or similar word in sentence; refrain …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • repetend — n. 1 the recurring figures of a decimal. 2 the recurring word or phrase; a refrain. Etymology: L repetendum (as REPEAT) …   Useful english dictionary

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