noun Etymology: English dialect rasp raspberry + English berry Date: circa 1616 1. a. any of various usually black or red edible berries that are aggregate fruits consisting of numerous small drupes on a fleshy receptacle and that are usually rounder and smaller than the closely related blackberries b. a perennial plant (genus Rubus) of the rose family that bears raspberries 2. [short for raspberry tart, rhyming slang for fart] a sound of contempt made by protruding the tongue between the lips and expelling air forcibly to produce a vibration; broadly an expression of disapproval or contempt

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • raspberry — 1620s, earlier raspis berry (1540s), possibly from raspise a sweet rose colored wine (mid 15c.), from Anglo L. vinum raspeys, origin uncertain, as is the connection between this and O.Fr. raspe, M.L. raspecia, raspeium, also meaning raspberry.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • raspberry — ► NOUN 1) an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish pink drupels. 2) informal a sound made with the tongue and lips, expressing derision or contempt. [ORIGIN: from raspberry tart, rhyming slang for… …   English terms dictionary

  • raspberry — [raz′ber΄ē, raz′bər ē] n. pl. raspberries [earlier raspis berry < rasp, raspis, raspberry (prob. same word as ME raspis, kind of wine) + BERRY] 1. the small, juicy, edible, aggregate fruit of various brambles (genus Rubus) of the rose family,… …   English World dictionary

  • Raspberry — Rasp ber*ry (r[a^]z b[e^]r*r[y^]; 277), n. [From E. rasp, in allusion to the apparent roughness of the fruit.] (Bot.) (a) The thimble shaped fruit of the {Rubus Id[ae]us} and other similar brambles; as, the black, the red, and the white raspberry …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Raspberry — This article is about the various species of raspberry in the plant genus Rubus. For the widely cultivated Eurasian red raspberry, see Rubus idaeus. For the North American black raspberry, see Rubus occidentalis. For other uses, see Raspberry… …   Wikipedia

  • raspberry — /raz ber ee, beuh ree, rahz /, n., pl. raspberries. 1. the fruit of any of several shrubs belonging to the genus Rubus, of the rose family, consisting of small and juicy red, black, or pale yellow drupelets forming a detachable cap about a convex …   Universalium

  • raspberry — rasp|ber|ry [ˈra:zbəri US ˈræzberi] n plural raspberries [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: rasp raspberry (16 20 centuries) + berry;] [Sense: 2; Origin: raspberry tart = fart] 1.) a soft sweet red berry, or the bush that this berry grows on ▪ a bowl of… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • raspberry — [[t]rɑ͟ːzbri, AM ræ̱zberi[/t]] raspberries 1) N COUNT Raspberries are small, soft, red fruit that grow on bushes. 2) N COUNT If you blow a raspberry, you make a sound by putting your tongue out and blowing, in order to insult someone. [INFORMAL]… …   English dictionary

  • raspberry — n. (pl. ies) 1 a a bramble, Rubus idaeus, having usu. red berries consisting of numerous drupels on a conical receptacle. b this berry. 2 any of various red colours. 3 colloq. a a sound made with the lips expressing dislike, derision, or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • raspberry —    1. a fart    Rhyming slang on raspberry tart. To blow a raspberry is to simulate the sound orally through pursed lips. Much figurative use indicating a mild admonition, refusal, or reproach:     ... popped question to Dutch girl and got… …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

  • raspberry — noun (C) 1 a soft sweet red berry, or the bush that this berry grows on: raspberry jam 2 informal a rude sound made by putting your tongue out and blowing: blow a raspberry BrE /give a raspberry AmE (=to make this sound) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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