off one's own bat
phrasal chiefly British through one's own efforts

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • off one's own bat — ► off one s own bat Brit. informal of one s own accord. Main Entry: ↑bat …   English terms dictionary

  • off one's own bat — phrasal : through one s own efforts : on one s own account able to win the war off its own bat George Orwell * * * off one s own bat 1. By one s own efforts 2. On one s own initiative • • • Main Entry: ↑bat …   Useful english dictionary

  • off one's own bat — adverb At ones own instigation. My boss didnt tell me to reorganize the filing system, I did it off my own bat …   Wiktionary

  • off one's own bat Brit. — off one s own bat Brit. informal at one s own instigation. → bat …   English new terms dictionary

  • make a score off one's own bat — attain results without help from others …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bat, off one's own —  Independently …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • bat — Ⅰ. bat [1] ► NOUN ▪ an implement with a handle and a solid surface, used in sports for hitting the ball. ► VERB (batted, batting) 1) (in sport) take the role of hitting rather than throwing the ball. 2) hit with the flat of one s hand. 3) …   English terms dictionary

  • bat — bat1 noun 1》 an implement with a handle and a solid surface, used in sports such as cricket or baseball for hitting the ball. 2》 a slab on which pottery is formed, dried, or fired. verb (bats, batting, batted) 1》 (in sport) take the role of… …   English new terms dictionary

  • bat — I. /bæt / (say bat) noun 1. Sport a. the club used in certain games, as cricket and baseball, to strike the ball. b. a racquet, especially one used in table tennis. 2. the right or turn to bat. 3. Cricket a player who bats: he is a good bat. 4. a …   Australian English dictionary

  • bat — 1. n. & v. n. 1 an implement with a handle, usu. of wood and with a flat or curved surface, used for hitting balls in games. 2 a turn at using this. 3 a batsman, esp. in cricket, usu. described in some way (an excellent bat). 4 (usu. in pl.) an… …   Useful english dictionary

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