noun Etymology: Latin quinque five + English centenary Date: 1879 a 500th anniversary or its celebration • quincentenary adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • quincentenary — see anniversaries …   Modern English usage

  • quincentenary — [kwin΄sen ten′ē əlkwin sen′tə ner ē, kwin΄sen ten′ər ē] adj. of a 500th anniversary n. pl. quincentenaries a 500th anniversary or its commemoration: Also quincentennial [kwin΄sen ten′ē əl] …   English World dictionary

  • quincentenary — 1. noun A five hundredth anniversary. 2. adjective Pertaining to a quincentenary; quincentennial …   Wiktionary

  • quincentenary — /kwin sen ten euh ree, kwin sen tn er ee/; esp. Brit. /kwin sen tee neuh ree/, n., pl. quincentenaries, adj. n. 1. a 500th anniversary or its celebration. adj. 2. pertaining to or marking a period of 500 years; quincentennial. [QUIN(QUE ) +… …   Universalium

  • quincentenary — n. 500th anniversary, quincentennial …   English contemporary dictionary

  • quincentenary — [ˌkwɪnsɛn ti:n(ə)ri, tɛn ] noun (plural quincentenaries) a five hundredth anniversary. Derivatives quincentennial noun & adjective Origin C19: from L. quinque five + centenary …   English new terms dictionary

  • quincentenary — quin·centenary …   English syllables

  • quincentenary — /kwɪnsɛnˈtinəri/ (say kwinsen teenuhree) adjective 1. of or relating to a 500th anniversary. –noun (plural quincentenaries) 2. a 500th anniversary. 3. its celebration. 4. a period of 500 years …   Australian English dictionary

  • quincentenary —   n. (pertaining to) five hundredth anniversary …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • quincentenary — n. & adj. n. (pl. ies) 1 a five hundredth anniversary. 2 a festival marking this. adj. of this anniversary. Derivatives: quincentennial adj. & n. Etymology: irreg. f. L quinque five + CENTENARY …   Useful english dictionary

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