put down
transitive verb Date: 14th century 1. to bring to an end ; stop <
put down a riot
2. a. depose, degrade b. disparage, belittle <
mentioned his poetry only to put it down
c. disapprove, criticize <
was put down for the way she dressed
d. humiliate, squelch <
put him down with a sharp retort
3. to make ineffective ; check <
put down the gossip
4. to do away with (as an injured, sick, or aged animal) ; destroy 5. a. to put in writing <
put it down truthfully
b. to enter in a list <
put me down for a donation
6. a. to place in a category <
I put him down as a hypochondriac — O. S. J. Gogarty
b. attribute <
put it down to inexperience
7. to pack or preserve for future use 8. consume <
putting down helping after helping — Carson McCullers

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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