pull in
verb Date: 1605 transitive verb 1. check, restrain 2. arrest intransitive verb to arrive at a destination or come to a stop

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • pull in — (someone/something) to attract things or people, esp. in large numbers. The new law is designed to pull in more imports from poor countries. The show has been pulling the crowds in since it opened …   New idioms dictionary

  • pull in — ► pull in 1) succeed in securing or obtaining. 2) informal arrest. Main Entry: ↑pull …   English terms dictionary

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  • pull in — 1) PHRASAL VERB When a vehicle or driver pulls in somewhere, the vehicle stops there. [V P prep/adv] He pulled in at the side of the road... [V P] The van pulled in and waited. 2) PHRASAL VERB If the police pull someone in, they arrest them and… …   English dictionary

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