verb (-dized; -dizing) Date: 1844 transitive verb to subject to propaganda; also to carry on propaganda for intransitive verb to carry on propaganda • propagandizer noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • propagandize — index convert (persuade), convince, inculcate, instill, misinform, persuade, prevail (persuade) …   Law dictionary

  • propagandize — (Amer.) ,prop·a gan·dize || ‚prÉ‘pÉ™ gændaɪz /‚prÉ’ v. publish propaganda, distribute information designed to promote a particular goal; spread by propaganda; subject to propaganda (also propagandise) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • propagandize — [präp΄ə gan′dīz΄, präp′ə gan΄dīz΄] vt. propagandized, propagandizing 1. to spread (a doctrine or theory) by propaganda 2. to subject to propaganda vi. to organize or spread propaganda …   English World dictionary

  • propagandize — [[t]prɒ̱pəgæ̱ndaɪz[/t]] propagandizes, propagandizing, propagandized VERB (disapproval) If you say that a group of people propagandize, you think that they are dishonestly trying to persuade other people to share their views. You can propagandize …   English dictionary

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  • propagandize — /prop euh gan duyz/, v., propagandized, propagandizing. v.t. 1. to propagate or publicize (principles, dogma, etc.) by means of propaganda. 2. to subject to propaganda: to propagandize enemy countries. v.i. 3. to carry on or disseminate… …   Universalium

  • propagandize — propagandist chiefly derogatory ► NOUN ▪ a person who spreads propaganda. ► ADJECTIVE ▪ consisting of or spreading propaganda. DERIVATIVES propagandize (also propagandise) verb …   English terms dictionary

  • propagandize — verb To use or spread propaganda …   Wiktionary

  • propagandize — I (Roget s IV) v. Syn. instill, indoctrinate, instruct; see teach 1 . II (Roget s Thesaurus II) verb To teach to accept a system of thought uncritically: brainwash, indoctrinate. See TEACH …   English dictionary for students

  • propagandize — prop|a|gan|dize [ ,prapə gæn,daız ] verb intransitive or transitive to try to influence people s opinions and beliefs, especially by using false information …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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