pond skater
noun Date: 1895 water strider

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • pond-skater — noun long legged bug that skims about on the surface of water • Syn: ↑water strider, ↑water skater • Hypernyms: ↑water bug • Hyponyms: ↑common pond skater, ↑Gerris lacustris …   Useful english dictionary

  • pond-skater — /ˈpɒnd skeɪtə/ (say pond skaytuh) noun → water strider …   Australian English dictionary

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  • pond skater — noun a slender predatory bug which moves quickly across the surface film of water. [Gerris lacustris (Europe) and many other species.] …   English new terms dictionary

  • common pond-skater — noun a variety of water strider • Syn: ↑Gerris lacustris • Hypernyms: ↑water strider, ↑pond skater, ↑water skater • Member Holonyms: ↑Gerris, ↑genus Gerris …   Useful english dictionary

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