adjective Etymology: perhaps from po chamber pot, toilet, from French pot pot Date: 1934 British having an assumed solemn, serious, or earnest expression or manner ; piously or hypocritically solemn

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • po-faced — [pō′fāst΄] adj. [< ? po (= chamber pot) + FACED; by analogy with] [Brit. Informal] Brit. Informal 1. expressionless; impassive 2. stern, smug, etc …   English World dictionary

  • po-faced — [ˌpəu ˈfeıst US ˌpou ] adj BrE informal [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: Perhaps from po chamber pot (19 20 centuries), from French pot, influenced by poker faced] having an unfriendly disapproving expression on your face …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • po-faced — ► ADJECTIVE Brit. ▪ humourless and disapproving. ORIGIN perhaps from po chamber pot , influenced by poker faced …   English terms dictionary

  • po-faced — British & Australian, informal if someone is po faced, they look very serious and unfriendly. The po faced librarian refused to let me in without my card. Why does she always look so po faced? …   New idioms dictionary

  • po-faced — [[t]po͟ʊ fe͟ɪst[/t]] ADJ GRADED (disapproval) If you describe someone as po faced, you think that they are being unnecessarily serious about something. [BRIT] Coltrane took a rather po faced view of this …   English dictionary

  • po-faced — UK [ˈpəʊ feɪst] / US [ˈpoʊ ˌfeɪst] adjective British informal someone who is po faced does not smile and looks as if they do not approve of what is happening, especially when other people are having fun …   English dictionary

  • po-faced — adjective BrE informal having an unfriendly disapproving expression on your face: That po faced woman behind the bar refused to serve us …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • po-faced — /ˈpoʊ feɪst / (say poh fayst) adjective Colloquial conveying one s displeasure in one s disapproving expression. {? from obsolete poh, an exclamation of distaste or contemptuous rejection, which one would expect to be accompanied by sour looks;… …   Australian English dictionary

  • po-faced — adj. 1 solemn faced, humourless. 2 smug. Etymology: 20th c.: perh. f. PO, infl. by poker faced …   Useful english dictionary

  • po-faced — adjective Brit. humourless and disapproving. Origin 1930s: perh. from po chamber pot , influenced by poker faced …   English new terms dictionary

  • po-faced — adjective a) Wearing a particularly stern and disapproving expression; humorless; priggish. b) Poker faced …   Wiktionary

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