noun Date: 1916 the process of producing a phonocardiogram • phonocardiograph nounphonocardiographic adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • phonocardiography — See phonocardiographic. * * * ▪ medicine       diagnostic technique that creates a graphic record, or phonocardiogram, of the sounds and murmurs produced by the contracting heart, including its valves and associated great vessels. The… …   Universalium

  • phonocardiography — 1. Recording of the heart sounds with a phonocardiograph. 2. The science of interpreting phonocardiograms. [phono + G. kardia, heart, + grapho, to record] * * * pho·no·car·di·og·ra·phy .kärd ē äg rə fē n, pl phies the recording of heart sounds by …   Medical dictionary

  • phonocardiography — n. recording of heart sounds using a phonocardiograph (Medicine) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • phonocardiography — pho·no·cardiography …   English syllables

  • phonocardiography — “+ noun Etymology: phon + cardiography : the graphic recording of the sounds of the heart by phonocardiogram …   Useful english dictionary

  • intracardiac phonocardiography — the graphic registration of sounds produced by action of the heart by means of a phonocatheter passed into one of the heart chambers …   Medical dictionary

  • phonocardiograph — phonocardiography /foh neuh kahr dee og reuh fee/, n. /foh neuh kahr dee euh graf , grahf /, n. Med. an instrument for graphically recording the sound of the heartbeat. [1925 30; PHONO + CARDIOGRAPH] * * * …   Universalium

  • phonocardiogram — A record of the heart sounds made by means of a phonocardiograph. * * * pho·no·car·dio·gram .fō nə kärd ē ə .gram n a graphic record of heart sounds made by means of a phonocardiograph * * * n. see electrocardiophonography • phonocardiography …   Medical dictionary

  • phonocardiograph — noun see phonocardiography …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • phonocardiographic — adjective see phonocardiography …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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