noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French penitance, from Medieval Latin poenitentia, alteration of Latin paenitentia regret, from paenitent-, paenitens, present participle Date: 13th century the quality or state of being penitent ; sorrow for sins or faults Synonyms: penitence, repentance, contrition, compunction, remorse mean regret for sin or wrongdoing. penitence implies sad and humble realization of and regret for one's misdeeds <
absolution is dependent upon sincere penitence
. repentance adds the implication of a resolve to change <
repentance accompanied by a complete change of character
. contrition stresses the sorrowful regret that constitutes true penitence <
tearful expressions of contrition
. compunction implies a painful sting of conscience especially for contemplated wrongdoing <
had no compunctions about taking back what is mine
. remorse suggests prolonged and insistent self-reproach and mental anguish for past wrongs and especially for those whose consequences cannot be remedied <
thieves untroubled by feelings of remorse

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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