noun plural but singular or plural in construction Etymology: Latin ped-, pes + English orth- + -ics Date: 1974 the art and practice of designing, making, and fitting therapeutic shoes for relieving painful or disabling conditions of the feet • pedorthic adjectivepedorthist noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • pedorthics — pe·dor·thics (pə dorґthiks) [pedo 2 + ortho + ic] the design, manufacture, fit, and modification of shoes and related foot appliances including ankle and foot orthoses, as prescribed for amelioration of painful or disabling conditions of the …   Medical dictionary

  • Pedorthist — A Certified Pedorthist, or C. Ped. is a specialist in using footwear which includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses and other pedorthic devises to solve problems in, or related to, the foot and lower limb.DescriptionPrimarily, a C.Ped… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthotics — Not to be confused with Prosthetics. Orthotist , orthopaedic brace and ankle foot orthotic (AFO) redirect here, where they are dealt with in their respective sections. Two different braces used to treat scoliosis Orthotics (Greek: Ορθός, ortho,… …   Wikipedia

  • Prosthetist — A prosthetist, as defined by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc., is a person who measures, designs, fabricates, fits, or services a prosthesis as prescribed by a licensed physician, and who assists …   Wikipedia

  • pedorthic — adjective see pedorthics …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pedorthist — noun see pedorthics …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pedorthic — pe·dor·thic (pə dorґthik) pertaining to pedorthics …   Medical dictionary

  • pedorthist — pe·dor·thist (pə dorґthist) an allied health professional trained in pedorthics …   Medical dictionary

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