adjective Date: 1864 1. overhand 2. of a swimming stroke made with the arm lifted out of the water and stretched forward over the shoulder to begin the stroke

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • overarm — ► ADJECTIVE & ADVERB ▪ (of a throw, stroke with a racket, etc.) made with the hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level …   English terms dictionary

  • overarm — [ō′vər ärm΄] adj. performed by raising the arm above the shoulder, as a swimming stroke …   English World dictionary

  • overarm — /oh veuhr ahrm /, adj. thrown or performed by raising the arm above the shoulder: an overarm pitch; an overarm swimming stroke. [1860 65, Amer.; OVER + ARM1] * * * …   Universalium

  • overarm — [[t]o͟ʊvərɑː(r)m[/t]] ADJ: ADJ n You use overarm to describe actions, such as throwing a ball, in which you stretch your arm over your shoulder. ...a single overarm stroke. Ant: underarm …   English dictionary

  • overarm — adj. & adv. 1 Cricket & Tennis etc. with the hand above the shoulder (bowl it overarm; an overarm service). 2 Swimming with one or both arms lifted out of the water during a stroke …   Useful english dictionary

  • overarm — 1. adjective Throwing while having the hand above the elbow Ant: underarm 2. adverb Having the hand above the arm at the time of throwing In cricket, one must only bowl overarm Ant: underarm …   Wiktionary

  • overarm — o|ver|arm [ˈəuvəra:m US ˈouvəra:rm] adj, adv especially BrE an overarm throw in a sport is when you throw the ball with your arm high above your shoulder →↑underarm …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • overarm — adjective, adverb especially BrE an overarm throw in a sport is when you throw the ball with your arm high above your shoulder; overhand AmE …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • overarm — /ˈoʊvəram / (say ohvuhrahm) adjective 1. performed with the arm being raised above the shoulder, as bowling. 2. of or relating to a style of swimming similar to freestyle (def. 1). –adverb 3. in an overarm manner …   Australian English dictionary

  • overarm — o|ver|arm [ ouvər,arm ] adjective, adverb MAINLY BRITISH OVERHAND …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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