adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1887 1. of, relating to, or producing tone values of light and shade in a photograph that correspond to the tones in nature 2. sensitive to all colors except red

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Orthochromatic — refers to any spectrum of light that is devoid of red light. Orthochromatic photography Orthochromatic photography refers to a photographic emulsion that is sensitive to only blue and green light, and thus can be processed with a red safelight.… …   Wikipedia

  • orthochromatic — [ôr΄thōkrō mat′ik] adj. [ ORTHO + CHROMATIC] designating or of photographic film that is sensitive to all colors except red and deep orange …   English World dictionary

  • orthochromatic — Denoting any tissue or cell that stains the color of the dye used, i.e., the same color as the dye solution with which it is stained. SYN: euchromatic (1), orthochromophil, orthochromophile. [ortho + G. chroma, color] * * * or·tho·chro·mat·ic… …   Medical dictionary

  • orthochromatic — adj. [Gr. orthos, straight; chromos, color] With normal staining characteristics …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • orthochromatic — /awr theuh kroh mat ik, thoh kreuh /, adj. Photog. 1. representing correctly the relations of colors as found in a subject; isochromatic. 2. (of an emulsion) sensitive to all visible colors except red; isochromatic. [1885 90; ORTHO + CHROMATIC] * …   Universalium

  • orthochromatic — adjective a) Being uniformly sensitive across the entire visible range, and thus reproducing colours faithfully b) Sensitive to all colours except red …   Wiktionary

  • Orthochromatic — Ортохроматический; чувствительный к фиолетовым, синим, зелёным и жёлтым лучам …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • orthochromatic — adj. pertaining to a sensitivity to all colors of light except for red (Photography)or·tho·chro·mat·ic || ‚ɔrθəʊkrəʊ mætɪk /‚ɔː …   English contemporary dictionary

  • orthochromatic — adjective denoting black and white photographic film sensitive to all visible light except red …   English new terms dictionary

  • orthochromatic — or·tho·chromatic …   English syllables

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