noun Etymology: Middle English operacioun, from Middle French operation, from Latin operation-, operatio, from operari Date: 14th century 1. performance of a practical work or of something involving the practical application of principles or processes 2. a. an exertion of power or influence <
the operation of a drug
b. the quality or state of being functional or operative <
the plant is now in operation
c. a method or manner of functioning <
a machine of very simple operation
3. efficacy, potency — archaic except in legal usage 4. a procedure performed on a living body usually with instruments especially for the repair of damage or the restoration of health 5. any of various mathematical or logical processes (as addition) of deriving one entity from others according to a rule 6. a. a usually military action, mission, or maneuver including its planning and execution b. plural the office on the flight line of an airfield where pilots file clearance for flights and where flying from the field is controlled c. plural the agency of an organization charged with carrying on the principal planning and operating functions of a headquarters and its subordinate units 7. a business transaction especially when speculative 8. a single step performed by a computer in the execution of a program 9. a usually small business or establishment <
ran a struggling operation

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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