noun plural but singular or plural in construction Date: 1930 1. a. the science or study of the origins and forms of words especially as used in a specialized field b. the science or study of the origin and forms of proper names of persons or places 2. the system underlying the formation and use of words especially for proper names or of words used in a specialized field • onomastician noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Onomastics — or onomatology is the study of proper names of all kinds and the origins of names. The words are from the Greek: ὀνομαστικός (onomastikos), of or belonging to naming [1][2] and ὀνοματολογία (onomatologia), from ὄνομα (ónoma) name .[3] Toponymy or …   Wikipedia

  • onomastics — scientific study of names and naming, 1936, from ONOMASTIC (Cf. onomastic); also see ICS (Cf. ics) …   Etymology dictionary

  • onomastics — [än΄ō mas′tiks; än΄ə mas′tiks] n. 1. the study of the origin, form, meaning, and use of names, esp. proper names 2. a pattern or system serving as a basis for the formation and use of names and terms within a field or category …   English World dictionary

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  • onomastics — noun /ˌɒ.nəʊˈmæs.tɪks,ˌɑː.noʊˈmæs.tɪks,ˌɑː.nəˈmæs.tɪks/ The branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names and naming, especially the origins of names. Syn: onomatology See Also: onomastic, onomastician, onomasticon …   Wiktionary

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