adjective Etymology: negative + type Date: 1946 relating to or being a semiconductor in which charge is carried by electrons — compare p-type

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • N type — may refer to: N type semiconductor is a key material in the manufacture of transistors and integrated circuits An N type connector is a threaded RF connector used to join coaxial cables The MG N type Magnette was produced by the MG Car company… …   Wikipedia

  • N-type — * N type semiconductor is a key material in the manufacture of transistors and integrated circuits * N type connectors are commonly used to terminate the ends of coaxial cable * The Dennis N Type vehicle chassis was used to build fire engines and …   Wikipedia

  • n-type — [en′tīp΄] adj. Electronics designating or of negative semiconductor material in which there are more electrons than holes and current is carried through it by the flow of electrons: see HOLE (n. 7), P TYPE * * * …   Universalium

  • n-type — adjective Electronics denoting a region in a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of electrons. Compare with p type …   English new terms dictionary

  • n-type — adjective (Of a semiconductor) in which conduction is due to the movement of electrons rather than positive holes …   Wiktionary

  • N-type semiconductor — N type semiconductors are a type of extrinsic semiconductor where the dopant atoms are capable of providing extra conduction electrons to the host material (e.g. phosphorus in silicon). This creates an excess of negative (n type) electron charge… …   Wikipedia

  • N type carriage — N class locomotive hauling a five car N type carriage set Manufacturer Victorian Railways Built at N …   Wikipedia

  • N-type calcium channel — Calcium channel, voltage dependent, N type, alpha 1B subunit Identifiers Symbols CACNA1B; BIII; CACNL1A5; CACNN; Cav2.2 External IDs …   Wikipedia

  • N-type channels — Lackie A class of voltage sensitive calcium channels. Restricted to neurons and neuroendocrine cells where they are involved in regulation of neurotransmitter or neurohormone release. Require substantial depolarization to become activated and… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • N-Type Semiconductor —   A semiconductor produced by doping an intrinsic semiconductor with an electron donor impurity (e.g., phosphorous in silicon) …   Energy terms

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