adjective Date: 1968 1. not tending to spread; specifically not tending to infiltrate and destroy healthy tissue <
noninvasive cancer of the bladder
2. not being or involving an invasive medical procedure <
noninvasive imaging techniques
noninvasively adverb

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • noninvasive — [nän΄in vā′siv] adj. Med. 1. not entering the skin or a body cavity: said of therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, as ultrasound 2. not spreading to surrounding or to other tissue: said of certain tumors …   English World dictionary

  • noninvasive — Denoting a procedure that does not require insertion of an instrument or device through the skin or a body orifice for diagnosis or treatment. * * * non·in·va·sive .nän in vā siv, ziv adj …   Medical dictionary

  • noninvasive — non|in|va|sive [ ,nanın veısıv ] adjective MEDICAL 1. ) noninvasive medical tests or treatments do not involve cutting your body or putting instruments inside it 2. ) not spreading to other parts of your body: a noninvasive tumor …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • noninvasive — noninvasively, adv. /non in vay siv/, adj. Med. 1. not invading adjacent healthy cells, blood vessels, or tissues; localized: a noninvasive tumor. 2. not entering or penetrating the body or disturbing body tissue, esp. in a diagnostic procedure.… …   Universalium

  • noninvasive — non•in•va•sive [[t]ˌnɒn ɪnˈveɪ sɪv[/t]] adj. 1) med not invading adjacent cells, vessels, or tissues; localized: a noninvasive tumor[/ex] 2) med not entering or penetrating the body • Etymology: 1970–75 non in•va′sive•ly, adv …   From formal English to slang

  • noninvasive — adjective a) Not invasive. b) Of a surgical or other medical procedure, not requiring an incision …   Wiktionary

  • noninvasive — adj. (of a medical procedure) that does not necessitate insertion of instruments through the skin or into the body, not penetrating the body; that does not spread to healthy tissues, not tending to spread, localized, not spreading to other parts… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • noninvasive — non·invasive …   English syllables

  • noninvasive — adj. 1) denoting techniques of investigation or treatment that do not involve penetration of the skin by needles or knives. 2) denoting tumours that do not spread into surrounding tissues (see benign) …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • noninvasive — In medicine, it describes a procedure that does not require inserting an instrument through the skin or into a body opening. In cancer, it describes disease that has not spread outside the tissue in which it began …   English dictionary of cancer terms

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