noun Date: 1869 a person who practices a contemporary form of paganism (as Wicca) • neo-pagan adjectiveneo-paganism noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • neo-pagan — 1. adjective Of or relating to neo paganism, a modern form of paganism. The Italian Renaissance produced a brief but astounding burst of neo pagan individualism. 2. noun An adherent of neo paganism, a modern pagan. The very persons who would most …   Wiktionary

  • Neo-Pagan — Ne·o Pa·gan (nē ō pāʹgən) adj. Of or relating to Neo Paganism. n. An adherent of Neo Paganism. * * * …   Universalium

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  • Neo-Pagan (literature) — Neopagan is a term for a type of vital philosophy expressed in 20th century literary criticism. This use does not indicate any literal paganism in the religious sense at all. It connotes, rather, a form of positive existentialism comprising an… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Neo-Pagan festivals and events — This is a list of events designed for, or largely attended by, members of Neopagan religions.* CAW Con * Council of Magickal Arts * Craftwise Pagan Gathering * FireDance * Free Spirit Gathering * A Gathering of the Tribes * Gnosticon * Heartland… …   Wikipedia

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  • Neo-druidism — or neo druidry (referred to simply as Druidry by some adherents) is a form of modern spirituality or religion that promotes harmony and worship of nature, and respect for all beings, including the environment. It is considered to be a Neopagan… …   Wikipedia

  • Neo-Medieval music — is a term used to describe a variety of styles within modern popular music. A common characteristic of these styles is that they contain elements of Medieval music and early music in general. Music styles within neo Medieval music vary from… …   Wikipedia

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  • Neo-Paganism — Ne·o Pa·gan·ism (nē ō pāʹgə nĭz əm) n. Any of various religious movements arising chiefly in the United Kingdom and the United States in the late 20th century that combine worship of pagan nature deities, particularly of the earth, with benign… …   Universalium

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