adjective Date: circa 1864 1. having a single unaccompanied melodic line 2. of or relating to sound transmission, recording, or reproduction involving a single transmission path • monophonically adverb

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Monophonic — Mon o*phon ic, a. [Mono + Gr. ? a voice.] 1. (Mus.) Single voiced; having but one part; as, a monophonic composition; opposed to {polyphonic}. [1913 Webster] 2. Of or relating to a system for recording and reproducing sound, which has only one… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Monophonic — may refer to: Monaural, a sound recording with only one channel Monophony, musical texture that consists of a single melodic line Monophonic (synthesizers), a synthesizer capable of sounding only one voice, or note, at a time This disambiguation… …   Wikipedia

  • monophonic — (adj.) of recordings, broadcasts, etc., not stereo, having only one output signal, 1958, coined to be an opposite of STEREOPHONIC (Cf. stereophonic); from MONO (Cf. mono ) + phonic, from Gk. phone sound, voice (see FAME (Cf. fame) (n.)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • monophonic — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ (of sound reproduction) using only one transmission channel. Compare with STEREOPHONIC(Cf. ↑stereophony) …   English terms dictionary

  • monophonic — [män΄ō fän′ik, män΄əfän′ik] adj. 1. of, or having the nature of, monophony 2. designating or of sound reproduction using a single channel to carry and reproduce sounds through one or more loudspeakers …   English World dictionary

  • monophonic — monophonically, adv. /mon euh fon ik/, adj. 1. Music. of or pertaining to monophony. 2. Also, monaural, mono. of or noting a system of sound recording and reproduction using only a single channel. Cf. quadraphonic, stereophonic. [1880 85;… …   Universalium

  • monophonic — adjective a) having a single channel; monaural (compare stereophonic) b) having a single melodic line and no harmony (compare polyphonic) …   Wiktionary

  • monophonic — adj. having one voice mÉ‘nəʊ fÉ‘nɪk / mÉ’nəʊ fÉ’nɪk …   English contemporary dictionary

  • monophonic — [ˌmɒnə(ʊ) fɒnɪk] adjective 1》 (of sound reproduction) using only one channel of transmission. Compare with stereophonic. 2》 Music having a single melodic line without harmonies or melody in counterpoint. Derivatives monophonically adverb… …   English new terms dictionary

  • monophonic — mono·phon·ic …   English syllables

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