adjective Etymology: past participle of moble to muffle, probably frequentative of mob to muffle, of unknown origin Date: circa 1601 being wrapped or muffled in or as if in a hood

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • mobled — adjective /ˈməʊbəld/ with the head wrapped up or muffled , 1922: She lies laid out in stark stiffness in that secondbest bed, the mobled queen James Joyce, Ulysses …   Wiktionary

  • mobled — mobˈled adjective (Shakespeare) 1. Muffled 2. Other suggestions are, richly endowed (cf Fr meublé), set in motion, violently agitated (L mōbilis), or that there is no meaning at all • • • Main Entry: ↑moble …   Useful english dictionary

  • moble — /mob euhl/, v.t., mobled, mobling. Archaic. to wrap the head of, as in a hood. [1595 1605; var. of MUFFLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • moble — verb /ˈməʊbəl/ to muffle or wrap someones head or face (normally with up) , 1964: She was all mobled up at the window, her tawniness flat and dull in this snowlight, and I felt pity. Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like the Sun …   Wiktionary

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