mix it up
phrasal to engage in a fight, contest, or dispute

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • mix it up — phrasal see mix it * * * mix it up (US) (or Brit mix it) informal : to fight or argue The two boxers started mixing it up. He loves to mix it up with his younger brothers. • • • Main Entry: ↑mix …   Useful english dictionary

  • mix it up — 1. to argue or exchange criticisms. She was a top TV news reporter, and she could mix it up with anyone, no matter how important they were. 2. to compete in an active, physical way. Shaffer was aggressive and didn t mind mixing it up when she had …   New idioms dictionary

  • mix it up — verb To compete vigorously, to quarrel, or to fight physically. He would have felt like an irate ticket holder at a prize fight where the principals refused to mix it up …   Wiktionary

  • mix it up — challenge, fight, mess with    If you mix it up with a street fighter, you could get injured …   English idioms

  • mix it (up) — idi mix it (up), Slang. a) to engage in a quarrel b) to fight with the fists …   From formal English to slang

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  • mix it up (with someone) — tv. to fight with someone; to quarrel with someone. □ Bart and Sam mixed it up for a while, and then things calmed down. □ Max came out of the shop and began to mix it up with Bruno …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

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  • ˌmix sb ˈup — phrasal verb to think that someone or something is another person or thing They look so alike that it s easy to mix them up.[/ex] I think I m mixing him up with someone else.[/ex] …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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