transitive verb Date: 1963 to enclose in a microcapsule <
microencapsulated aspirin
microencapsulation noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • microencapsulate — mi·cro·en·cap·su·late (mī krō ĕn kăpʹsə lāt ) tr.v. mi·cro·en·cap·su·lat·ed, mi·cro·en·cap·su·lat·ing, mi·cro·en·cap·su·lates To enclose in microcapsules.   mi cro·en·cap su·laʹtion n. * * * …   Universalium

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  • microencapsulate — mi·cro·en·cap·su·late in kap sə .lāt vt, lat·ed; lat·ing to enclose in a microcapsule <microencapsulated aspirin> mi·cro·en·cap·su·la·tion in .kap sə lā shən n …   Medical dictionary

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  • mi|cro|en|cap|su|late — «MY kroh ehn KAP suh layt», transitive verb, lat|ed, lat|ing. to enclose (something small) in a microcapsule: »Attempts…are being made to microencapsulate enzymes for therapy (New Scientist and Science Journal) …   Useful english dictionary

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