adjective (merrier; -est) Etymology: Middle English mery, from Old English myrge, merge; akin to Old High German murg short — more at brief Date: before 12th century 1. archaic giving pleasure ; delightful 2. full of gaiety or high spirits ; mirthful 3. marked by festivity or gaiety 4. quick, brisk <
a merry pace
merrily adverbmerriness noun Synonyms: merry, blithe, jocund, jovial, jolly mean showing high spirits or lightheartedness. merry suggests cheerful, joyous, uninhibited enjoyment of frolic or festivity <
a merry group of revelers
. blithe suggests carefree, innocent, or even heedless gaiety <
arrived late in his usual blithe way
. jocund stresses elation and exhilaration of spirits <
singing, dancing, and jocund feasting
. jovial suggests the stimulation of conviviality and good fellowship <
dinner put them in a jovial mood
. jolly suggests high spirits expressed in laughing, bantering, and jesting <
our jolly host enlivened the party

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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