adjective Etymology: past participle of lose Date: 15th century 1. not made use of, won, or claimed 2. a. no longer possessed b. no longer known 3. ruined or destroyed physically or morally ; desperate 4. a. taken away or beyond reach or attainment ; denied <
regions lost to the faith
b. insensible, hardened <
lost to shame
5. a. unable to find the way b. no longer visible c. lacking assurance or self-confidence ; helpless 6. rapt, absorbed <
lost in reverie
7. not appreciated or understood ; wasted <
their jokes were lost on me
8. obscured or overlooked during a process or activity <
lost in translation
9. hopelessly unattainable ; futile <
a lost cause
lostness noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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