preposition Etymology: Middle English, from Old English intō, from 2in + to Date: before 12th century 1. — used as a function word to indicate entry, introduction, insertion, superposition, or inclusion <
came into the house
enter into an alliance
2. a. to the state, condition, or form of <
got into trouble
b. to the occupation, action, or possession of <
go into farming
c. involved with or interested in <
into hard drugs
into Latin epigrammatists
3. — used as a function word to indicate a period of time or an extent of space part of which is passed or occupied <
far into the night
4. in the direction of <
looking into the sun
5. to a position of contact with ; against <
ran into a wall
6. — used as a function word to indicate the dividend in division <
dividing 3 into 6 gives 2

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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