adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary ino- (from Greek in-, is sinew) + -tropic Date: 1903 relating to or influencing the force of muscular contractions

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • inotropic — Influencing the contractility of muscular tissue. [ino + G. tropos, a turning] negatively i. weakening muscular action. positively i. strengthening muscular action. * * * ino·tro·pic .ē nə trō pik, .ī nə , träp ik adj relating to or influencing… …   Medical dictionary

  • inotropic — adj. affecting the contraction of heart muscle. Drugs such as dobutamine, dopamine, and enoximone have positive inotropic action, stimulating heart muscle contractions and causing the heart rate to increase. Beta blocker drugs, such as… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • inotropic — Altering rate of heartbeat. Example: adrenaline has a positive inotropic effect and increases rate of beating …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • inotropic — adjective Affecting the force of muscle contraction. e.g. inotropic heart drugs …   Wiktionary

  • inotropic — /ee neuh trop ik, troh pik, uy neuh /, adj. Physiol. influencing the contractility of muscular tissue. [1900 05; < Gk ino (comb. form of ís fiber, sinew) + TROPIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • inotropic — adj. affecting the ability of a muscle to contract (Medicine) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • inotropic — ino·trop·ic …   English syllables

  • inotropic — i•no•trop•ic [[t]ˌi nəˈtrɒp ɪk, ˈtroʊ pɪk, ˌaɪ nə [/t]] adj. phl influencing the contractility of muscular tissue • Etymology: 1900–05; < Gk īno , comb. form of is fiber, sinew + tropic …   From formal English to slang

  • inotropic — …   Useful english dictionary

  • inotropic agent — any of a class of agents affecting the force of muscle contraction, particularly a drug affecting the force of cardiac contraction; positive inotropic agents, such as digitalis glycosides or catecholamines, increase and negative inotropic agents …   Medical dictionary

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