noun Etymology: Latin hemistichium, from Greek hēmistichion, from hēmi- + stichos line, verse; akin to Greek steichein to go — more at stair Date: 1575 half a poetic line of verse usually divided by a caesura

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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  • Hemistich — Hem i*stich (?; 277), n. [L. hemistichium, Gr. hmisti chion; hmi half + sti chos row, line, verse: cf. F. h[ e]mistiche.] Half a poetic verse or line, or a verse or line not completed. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • hemistich — half a poetic line, 1570s, from M.Fr. hémistiche, from L. hemistichium, from Gk. hemistikhion half line, half verse, from hemi half (see HEMI (Cf. hemi )) + stikhos row, line of verse (see STAIR (Cf. stair)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • hemistich — [hem′i stik΄] n. [L hemistichium < Gr hēmistichion < hēmi, half + stichos, a row, line, verse: see STICH] half a line of verse, esp. either half created by the chief caesura, or rhythmic pause in the middle of a line …   English World dictionary

  • Hemistich — A hemistich is a half line of verse, followed and preceded by a caesura, that makes up a single overall prosodic or verse unit. In Classical poetry, the hemistich is generally confined to drama. In Greek tragedy, characters exchanging clipped… …   Wikipedia

  • hemistich — См. emistichio …   Пятиязычный словарь лингвистических терминов

  • hemistich — hemistichal /heuh mis ti keuhl, hem i stik euhl/, adj. /hem i stik /, n. Pros. 1. the exact or approximate half of a stich, or poetic verse or line, esp. as divided by a caesura or the like. 2. an incomplete line, or a line of less than the usual …   Universalium

  • hemistich — noun a) An approximate half line of verse, separated from another by a caesura, often for dramatic effect b) An unfinished line of verse …   Wiktionary

  • hemistich — n. (Prose) incomplete line, unusually short line; one half of a verse or line (of text) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hemistich — [ hɛmɪstɪk] noun (chiefly in Old English verse) a half of a line of verse. Origin C16: via late L. from Gk hēmistikhion, from hēmi half + stikhos row, line of verse …   English new terms dictionary

  • hemistich — n. Half a verse, half a line …   New dictionary of synonyms

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