granulosa cell
noun Etymology: New Latin granulosa, from feminine of granulosus granulose Date: 1936 one of the estrogen-secreting cells of the epithelial lining of a graafian follicle or its follicular precursor

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • granulosa cell — |granyə|lōsə , ōzə noun Etymology: New Latin granulosa, from granul + Latin osa (feminine of osus ous) : one of the cells of the epithelial lining of a graafian follicle …   Useful english dictionary

  • granulosa cell — gran·u·lo·sa cell .gran yə lō sə , lō zə n one of the estrogen secreting cells of the epithelial lining of a graafian follicle or its follicular precursor …   Medical dictionary

  • Granulosa cell tumour — Granulosa cell tumo(u)rs (or granulosa theca cell tumo(u)rs) are tumors of the granulosa cell. They are part of the sex cord stromal tumour group of ovarian neoplasms.The peak age at which they occur is 50 55 years, but they may occur at any… …   Wikipedia

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