noun (plural gimmes) Etymology: from gimme, contraction of give me Date: 1929 1. a short putt in golf conceded to an opponent in casual or match play 2. something easily achieved or won especially in a contest

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • gimme — by 1828, colloquial contraction of give me. Gimme cap attested by 1978. TOMMY Gimme a cake. MAMMA If what? If you please. TOMMY O, let up on that Pinafore business; gimme a cake! [ Puck, July 2, 1878] …   Etymology dictionary

  • gimme — [gim′ē] vt. phonetic sp. of give me (in informal pronunciation) [gimme a break!] vi. Slang give it to me: used in the imperative adj. Slang acquisitive; greedy [the gimme generation] n. pl. gimmies Slang 1. Golf a putt so short that one s… …   English World dictionary

  • Gimme — A gimme in golf is a shot that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played. When a player has only a very short putt left to play, other players may grant a gimme, i.e. one stroke is counted, but the ball is not… …   Wikipedia

  • gimme — 1. verb Give me. Gimme the ball. 2. noun a) something easily obtained Its a gimme. b) A tap in putt, usually a couple inches from the cup …   Wiktionary

  • gimme — gim|me1 [ˈgımi] a way of writing the nonstandard spoken short form of give me ▪ Gimme the ball! gimme 2 gimme2 n AmE informal something that is so easy to do or succeed at that you do not even have to try ▪ The victory was a gimme for the New… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • gimme — /ˈgɪmi/ (say gimee) 1. (in representations of speech) give me: gimme a go. –adjective 2. Golf of or relating to a putt in which the ball lies so close to the hole that one s opponent concedes that the putt need not be made. –noun 3. Golf a gimme… …   Australian English dictionary

  • gimme — gim|me1 [ gımi ] short form INFORMAL a way of writing give me that shows how it sounds in informal conversation gimme gim|me 2 [ gımi ] noun count AMERICAN INFORMAL something that you can easily win: The match was a gimme for Petrova who will win …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • gimme — [[t]gɪ̱mi[/t]] Gimme is sometimes used in written English to represent the words give me when they are pronounced informally. Gimme a break, kid! You know how much those things cost? …   English dictionary

  • gimme — fgimi] phr. give me. (Eye dialect. Typical spoken English. Used in writing only for effect. Used in the examples of this dictionary.) □ Do you wanna gimme the thingy and lemme go ahead with my work? □ Gimme another one …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • gimme — I. ˈgimē, mi Etymology: by contraction slang : give me II. adjective slang : expecting or requesting a money contribution, a handout, or a special privilege on the list of countless gimme organizations Printer s Ink Monthly …   Useful english dictionary

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