British variant of generalized

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • generalised — adjective Made more general, less specialized …   Wiktionary

  • generalised — generalise (Brit.) v. make general or indefinite statements; form a general principle; conclude, infer; make generally applicable; give a general character to (also generalize) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • generalised — adjective not biologically differentiated or adapted to a specific function or environment the hedgehog is a primitive and generalized mammal • Syn: ↑generalized • Similar to: ↑unspecialized, ↑unspecialised • Topics: ↑bi …   Useful english dictionary

  • Generalised phrase structure grammar — (GPSG) is a framework for describing the syntax and semantics of natural languages. GPSG was initially developed in the late 1970s by Gerald Gazdar. Other contributors include Ewan Klein, Ivan Sag, and Geoffrey Pullum. Their book Generalized… …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised cost — In transport economics, the generalised cost is the sum of the monetary and non monetary costs of a journey.Monetary (or out of pocket ) costs might include a fare on a public transport journey, or the costs of fuel, wear and tear and any parking …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised epilepsy — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = DiseasesDB = ICD10 = ICD10|G|40|3|g|40 ICD9 = ICD9|345.0 ICD9|345.1 ICDO = OMIM = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = eMedicineTopic = MeshID = D004829 Generalised epilepsy is a form of epilepsy characterised… …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised suffix tree — A generalised suffix tree is a suffix tree for a set of strings. Given the set of strings D=S 1,S 2,dots,S d of total length n, it is a Patricia trie containing all n suffixes of the strings. It is mostly used in bioinformaticsref|BRCR.… …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised hyperbolic distribution — Probability distribution name =generalised hyperbolic type =density pdf cdf parameters =mu location (real) lambda (real) alpha (real) eta asymmetry parameter (real) delta scale parameter (real) gamma = sqrt{alpha^2 eta^2} support =x in ( infty; …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised compound — A generalized compound is a mixture of chemical compounds of constant composition, despite possible changes in the total amount. The concept is used in the Dynamic Energy Budget theory, where biomass is partitioned into a limited set of… …   Wikipedia

  • Generalised Hough transform — The Generalised Hough Transform, introduced by D.H. Ballard in 1981, was the modification of the Hough Transform using the principle of template matching [D.H. Ballard, Generalizing the Hough Transform to Detect Arbitrary Shapes , Pattern… …   Wikipedia

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