noun (plural -leries) Etymology: Middle English galerie, from Medieval Latin galeria, probably alteration of galilaea galilee Date: 15th century 1. a. a roofed promenade ; colonnade b. corridor 1 2. a. an outdoor balcony b. Southern & Midland porch, veranda c. a platform at the quarters or stern of a ship 3. a. a long and narrow passage, apartment, or corridor b. a subterranean passageway in a cave or military mining system; also a working drift or level in mining c. an underground passage made by a mole or ant or a passage made in wood by an insect (as a beetle) 4. a. a room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art b. an institution or business exhibiting or dealing in works of art c. collection, aggregation <
the rich gallery of characters in this novel — H. S. Canby
5. a. a structure projecting from one or more interior walls (as of an auditorium or church) to accommodate additional people; especially the highest balcony in a theater commonly having the cheapest seats b. the part of a theater audience seated in the top gallery c. the undiscriminating general public d. the spectators at a sporting event (as a tennis or golf match) 6. a small ornamental barrier or railing (as along the edge of a table or shelf) 7. a photographer's studio • galleried adjectivegalleryite noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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