verb Date: 1969 transitive verb to climb (as a rock face) without using aids for support intransitive verb to free-climb something • free climber noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • free-climb — /fri ˈklaɪm/ (say free kluym) verb (i) 1. to undertake free climbing. –noun 2. such a climb. –free climber, noun …   Australian English dictionary

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  • free climbing — free clim·bing loc.s.m.inv. ES ingl. {{wmetafile0}} TS sport tecnica alpinistica in cui il rocciatore si arrampica senza l aiuto di attrezzi, sfruttando soltanto gli appigli naturali della roccia Sinonimi: arrampicata libera. {{line}} {{/line}}… …   Dizionario italiano

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