variant of forebode

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • forbode — 1. noun a) A forbidding, prohibition. Gods/The Lords forbode b) A command forbidding a thing. 2. verb To portend or …   Wiktionary

  • forbode — I. noun ( s) Etymology: Middle English forbod, forbode, from Old English forbod, from forbēodan to forbid more at forbid archaic : forbiddance, prohibition II …   Useful english dictionary

  • over God's forbode — (archaic) God forbid • • • Main Entry: ↑forbid …   Useful english dictionary

  • ἐπιρροιβδῇ — ἐπιρροιβδέω croak so as to forbode rain pres subj mp 2nd sg ἐπιρροιβδέω croak so as to forbode rain pres ind mp 2nd sg ἐπιρροιβδέω croak so as to forbode rain pres subj act 3rd sg …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

  • forebode — also forbode verb Date: 1603 transitive verb 1. to have an inward conviction of (as coming ill or misfortune) 2. foretell, portend intransitive verb augur, predict • foreboder noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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